Medicare Cost Sharing Programs

Many Illinoisans with Medicare can save up to $1,258.80 each year by participating in Medicare cost sharing programs. These programs may pay for Medicare premiums. You can keep more of your Social Security check by enrolling. Many people use the extra money to help pay for living expenses or prescription drugs.

Who is Eligible

  1. You must have Medicare Hospital Insurance (Part A). If you’re not sure whether you have it, look on your Medicare card or call Social Security, at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY:1-800-325-0778) to find out. The call is free.
  2. Your income is below certain limits. (Look at the table on this page to see if you might qualify.)
  3. Your financial resources (i.e. the things you own) are worth less than $7,080 for an individual or less than $10,620 for a couple. Financial resources are things like bank accounts, stocks, and bonds. Some things are not counted, such as the home you live in, one car that you own, burial plots, and furniture.

The State of Illinois will not place a claim on your estate for the amount of Medicare cost-sharing expenses paid by the state.

Why Apply

  • Depending on applicant's income, Medicare Cost Sharing could help shoulder the burden of paying premiums, deductibles, and co-insurance.
  • Eligible persons no longer have their Medicare premiums deducted from their social security check.

To Apply For

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Learn more about Medicare Cost Sharing.

If you are receiving Medicare through the Social Security Administration, you may qualify for a Medicare cost sharing program that will pay your Medicare Part B premium and, depending on your income, your Medicare deductibles and co-pays; to calculate your eligibility click here.

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Last updated April 29, 2016

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