Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) Medical

Illinois provides health care coverage to children whose care is subsidized by DCFS under Title IV-E (Child Welfare) of the Social Security Act as well as children served by DCFS through its subsidized guardianship and adoption assistance programs.

Who is Eligible

  • Children in foster care and children in the subsidized guardianship and adoption assistance programs;
  • Children in the legal custody of DCFS and placed in substitute care; or
  • 18-year-olds who are returning to their parents’ home (may receive an extension of their health coverage until age 19) are eligible for DCFS-provided medical coverage.

Why Apply

  • Persons who are eligible for DCFS Medical receive health coverage for medical and dental exams, immunizations, prescriptions, and hospital care.
  • DCFS Medical does not charge premiums or co-pays for medical treatment.

To Apply For

Children in the legal custody of DCFS should be automatically enrolled in DCFS Medical. Parents and guardians can refer questions to the Medical Card Hotline at 1-800-228-6533, Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.

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Resources for Locating a Medical Provider for a Child in DCFS Care

  • Primary Care Provider - For assistance in locating a doctor for a child in the care and custody of DCFS, please contact the HealthWorks Lead Agency for the county where the child lives. View a list of HealthWorks Contact Coordinators and the counties they serve.

  • DCFS Medical Card Hotline - 1-800-228-6533 - this toll free number is used for the following:
    • If a medical card wasn't received.
    • Caseworkers will call asking what address is on the card, or call to let the Technical Support Unit staff know an address change needs to be entered.
    • If the child's name and/or birthdate is incorrect.
    • Providers call to verify the correct recipient number and periods of eligibility.
    • If a call comes in and the ward (child) doesn't have a medical card yet, and needs to go to the doctor immediately, the Technical Support Unit staff can fax a copy of the MMIS screen to the medical provider, or give the information (RIN # and period of eligibility) over the phone.
  • Dental care - Dentaquest is the administrator of the Illinois Medicaid dental program. For referral to a dental or orthodontic provider, call 888-281-2076 or 888-286-2447.
  • Vision care - Illinois Health Connect can assist in locating a Medicaid vision care provider. Please contact Illinois Health Connect at 1-877-912-1999.

Links to Important Resources

Learn more about the DCFS Medical Card.

Learn more about HealthWorks of Illinois.

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Last updated August 9, 2017

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