Safety Planning Guide for Undocumented Parents

News (Tuesday, August 21, 2018)

Families who are undocumented may have questions about what will happen to their children if they are detained or deported. These are legitimate concerns, and can become overwhelming when parents are unaware of the options or how to plan for the  care of their children in such cases. The Guide for Parents in Illinois who are Undocumented, available in both English and Spanish, goes into detail about different types of arrangements that can be made for children, as well as how to make those arrangements, called child care safety plans.

 The purpose of this guide is to help parents understand their options for child care safety planning in case of detention or deportation. It also has information about:

  • Finding an attorney
  • Applying for passports
  • Talking to children about the child care safety plan
  • How the child welfaresystem works
  • Know your rights materials
  • Additional resources and documents

The Legislation and Policy Clinic at Loyola University Chicago School of Law prepared this Guide. Amanda Walsh, staff attorney at Legal Council, was one of the reviewers of this Guide.


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