Stock Asthma Rescue Medication in Schools Legislation Signed Into Illinois Law By Governor Rauner

News (Thursday, August 9, 2018)

With help from Legal Council’s children and family advocates, the ‘Stock Asthma Rescue Medication’ bill (SB 3015) has been signed by Gov. Rauner and is now Public Act 100-0726. This victory will promote access to proper asthmatic care to children in need, as it allows schools to stock undesignated asthma rescue medication and for trained staff and school nurses to administer at first signs of respiratory distress.

This law is a significant step forward in combating asthma as a public health issue. As less than 25% of the 330,000 children suffering from asthma in Illinois have their symptoms under proper control, asthma is responsible for causing students to miss an estimated 300,000 school days per year. This bill will change that, and make schools a safer environment for children with uncontrolled asthma. Thanks to the hard work and collaboration of Legal Council and the Respiratory Health Association, this law will allow schools to address emergency asthma episodes on-site, resulting in fewer absences, increased continuity in education, fewer hospitalizations, and ultimately, healthier lives.

Read the press release here.

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