Stock Asthma Rescue Medication in Schools Legislation Heads to Governor Rauner

News (Thursday, June 14, 2018)

SB 3015, Stock Asthma Rescue Medication in Schools:

The expert advocates in our children & families program at Legal Council for Health Justice have been hard at work in strengthening access to care for children across Chicagoland and Illinois. The Stock Asthma Rescue Medication in Schools bill passed both the House and the Senate unanimously, allowing schools to stock undesignated asthma rescue medication and allowing school nurses and trained school staff to provide the medication at the first signs of respiratory distress. In Illinois, more than 330,000 children have reported asthma, but less than 25% of this children have their asthma under proper control; in one school year, students miss an estimated number of 300,000 school days in Illinois due to asthma. SB 3015 serves to create a safer environment for all students living with asthma. In a press release, Legal Council’s Children & Families Program Director Amy Zimmerman said “SB 3015 will give schools the ability to quickly respond to asthma emergencies and work with students and families to ensure ongoing proper asthma management at school.” Legal Council partnered with Respiratory Health Association to propose this policy, as well as to create an issue brief analyzing the fit and feasibility of stock asthma rescue medication in Illinois schools. SB 3015 is currently on its way to Gov. Rauner to be signed into law.

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